Video, music, and document viewer in Japanese


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Clipbox is an app to let you manage all your multimedia files on your Android in a comfortable and secure way. And why secure? Well, it's pretty simple: because it offers the possibility to password-protect all your photos and videos.

Despite what other sources might suggest, the app IS in English and not exclusively in Japanese, and it offers a wide array of options to configure video or password settings. Inside the music options, for example, you can set the app to loop songs automatically.

Using the app's own file manager, you can do many of the most common tasks for this type of program. You can rename, copy, move, or delete a file. You can also create a new folder, password-protect it, or even remove the protection.

Clipbox is a good file manager for Android that will provide a couple of additional features for you to enjoy your photos and videos, all while reinforcing the security of all your multimedia content.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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